How We Supported Byju’s to Scale Up 7 Times

Context & Challenges in Dec-2015

• Completely Manual Operations

• Multiple Excels to manage Data

• Multiple manual Payroll Processing

• Challenges in providing timely responses to queries

• Inconsistent Employee Service, Experience & Engagement

Our platform solution & support

Working closely with Customer’s HR & Leadership Team, our team provided Policy consulting, Operations guidelines and implemented the platform in 4 weeks.

  • Facilitated Policy Definition

  • Implemented Platform in 4 weeks

  • Provided Hands-on Transition Training

  • Dedicated & Continuous Support

  • Quick turn-around of Change Requests


• Customer has grown 7x in 15 months with minimum additional investments

• Our platform has digitised their operations and added transparency, speed, scalability & flexibility to support their dynamic business needs

• Employee Service & Engagement have significantly improved resulting in better Employer Brand.

Context in Jan 2017

• Singular Digital Platform For Talent Management And Employee Operations – Elimination Of Paper And Reduction Of Emails.

• 30%-70% Acceleration In Operations – Candidate Onboarding, Payroll, Employee Service Are Some Of The Processes That Have Seen Significant Productivity And Quality Improvements.

• Enhanced Employer Brand Because Of Digital Candidate Engagement Features For On-Boarding And Induction.

• In-Built Service/Helpdesk Has Streamlined Employee Service In A Transparent And Efficient Manner.