ESPTM is a SaaS based Integrated Employee Operations platform and covers HR, Collaboration, Work Management and Enabling functions. Unlike traditional ERPs, it doesn't have Functional/Departmental constraints.

Simple to use Interface, Hybrid Architecture and highly efficient code footprint makes ESPTM easy and quick to implement, adopt and use, minimizing Transition, Training and Change Management costs.


By keeping the EMPLOYEE in the CENTER of automation, ESPTM aligns employee actions and interactions with business operational processes thus enabling boundary less collaboration of employees in efficient execution of cross-functional operations. This alignment improves employee productivity, reduces inter-departmental friction and facilitates a learning and collaborative environment for employees.
Compare this with ERPs - with Functional/Departmental focus, they breakdown the Integrated Process into interconnected steps held together by semiautomatic and/or manual interfaces.


Communication and Collaboration are integral part of Human interactions and are essential to the way how work gets done in real life. By embedding Social Tools and Techniques into the automation of business processes, ESPTM enables Collaboration into every System Transaction and Digital Interaction.
Stand-alone or augmented social tools do not aid collaboration in the context of Work making them ineffective in driving PRODUCTIVITY within an Organization.


ESPTM uses HR Data and Social Tools as foundation for managing WORK and Enabling functions within an Organization.
Collaborative PROJECT and TASK management are integrated with Attendance and Time Tracking, Leaves, Expenses, Assets, Communication, Resource Planning and eLearning modules, making it a powerful Work management tool in the Market place.


Decades of Global experience in designing and implementing misson critical applications coupled with extensive hands-on experience in three generations of Technology resulting in the most COMPACT, SIMPLE, AGILE and EXTENDABLE Architecture that enables EASY Customization, FAST Deployment, HIGH Performance and LESS Maintenance.



Organizational Definition

Department/Functions, Role, Grade, Designation, Location Structures

Policy Management

Leaves, Compensation, Probation, Holidays, Workflow rules, Access security.

Social Learning

Tin-Can compliant Integrated Learning functionality for Online and Classroom training.

Employee Data Management

Personal information, Financial Information and Work Information management for each Employee.

Employee Life Cycle Management

Onboarding,Probation/ Confirmation, Transfers, Compensation Changes, Separation, Relieving Process.

Payroll Management

India Payroll processing with options to manage adjustments and automatic calculation and generation of Statutory reports including Tax.

Work Enabler Functions

Attendance, Leaves, Roster, Travel, Expenses, Assets, Communications.

Work Management

Collaborative Project and Task Management with Time logging, Integration with Performance Management, Real-time feedback

Embedded Collaboration

Employee Directory and Daily Status, Messageboards, Notifications engine, Moodometer and Announcements.

Analytics and Reports

Real time analytics on Employee data, Compensation, Attrition, Leaves broken down by Department, Grade & Location.

Document Management

Automatic generation and Storage of documents, Upload & download of Data, and Easy retrieval based on access rights.

Engineering Components

Security (Role & IP based) and Audit, Workflow Engine, Interface Manager, Backup, Real-time Transaction monitoring.

In addition to the above, ESPTM has in-built real time Business Analytics and Operational Dashboards to provide meaningful insights for decision making.