Singular Talent Platform Module Features

As people become the core of enterprise operations, need for one platform that provides complete automation of talent management becomes critical. Our people-centric platform provides this – a singular talent operations platform build on the single instance of data source covering all aspects of employees.

Employee Operations Module Features

Traditionally employee information and employee operations are done by multiple stand alone ERPs making it difficult to get one view of the employee. When you look at the enterprise from an employee perspective, this problem will go away resulting in a singular system that acts a single connect between employee and enterprise. This radically simplifies the way enterprises function.

Employee Service Module Features

Service support becomes critical for effective engagement as well as enabling employees to perform at their maximum potential levels. This is one of the most important aspects of creating a better employer brand and retaining the right talent

Employee Engagement Module Features

Employee engagement is no more TGIF parties, town hall sessions, quarterly 1x1s. It’s about providing transparent, faster, effective and meaningful interactions and feedback to employees in all their enterprise touch points

Employee Collaboration Module Features

Collaboration within an enterprise has to be in the context of work, and standalone chatting tools without employee information and intelligence just augment the problem. Being employee-centric, our platform comes with inbuilt collaboration tools that are in the context of specific roles and work.

Reports & Analytics Module Features

People analytics providing real-time insights about organisational design, talent, diversity, will become an essential tool for enterprise management going forward. With a singular data instance for everything of employee in the enterprise, our platform provides unparalleled insights and intelligence about organisational and people reports and analytics