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Simplifying Enterprise Operations

How it all began…

Why should work be complicated?

Why does it take so many people and so many spreadsheets to get answers to simple every day work questions?

Departments are good – they bring a structure.  But they create boundaries to my work as an employee.

  • HR hires me; Somebody is then tasked to allocate my seat and work items .. with multiple follow ups and emails.  Can’t it be simple and intuitive?

  • My manager has no idea of all the work I do.  My assessment has no reality to what I am doing.  Why can’t I have a system that supports me in what I am doing?  A truly continuous feedback & assessment system

  • Am travelling on work.  Is it so difficult for my time & attendance system to automatically understand from my travel request that I am on travel and mark it appropriately?


These and other similar questions about the workplace drove Srini to envision how the future of work could be?  What would happen if we put the person at the center of his or her work – rather than the department?

A new perspective on the person and how work is actually being done at the workplace.

Wouldn’t that be interesting?

This is the story of Employee Experts.

And as “work” is vast and interconnected and in hindsight – simple once all boundaries are removed – can we build a platform that captures the simplicity of work and people? And obsess over the experience that this creates?

The genesis of ESP® – the Employee Service platform built for the future of work

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Our Culture

Everything is driven by the notion that “our customers use our product to do their work.”  How can we do it better? Can we have a vision that creates the future? The values that help us on this journey –  

  • Work hard, Work Smart AND have fun while doing it.  Work together as a team. 

  • Learn, Learn, Learn.  Make mistakes while doing it.  Fail small. Focus on details. Create and facilitate a culture that garners & propagates learning for continuous improvement

  • Our customers success is our success.  Create happy and engaged customers. Deliver what they want, as quickly as we can.  Our customer testimonials say it all – we work hard to strengthen the relationship with our customers and deliver exceptional value to them.

  • Build it – Break it – Rebuild it: An ongoing & progressive approach towards innovating & improving our product & customer engagement 

  • Transparency: We believe in & promote openness, trust & transparency in all our work practices.  Respect the individual. Happy employees → happy customers 

  • Care for our environment:  Would you believe that our code is so incredibly small? Lesser than an YouTube song!  And yet does so much. Small code size, efficient code – lesser carbon footprint. 


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