Payments, Delivery & Return Policy

You shall pay Us the Fees for the Cloud Solution and/or services provided hereunder, in the amount set forth in the respective Work Order.


All engagements will have Work Orders with details of scope, type - subscription or turn-key projects, duration and payment terms which will be signed with You and all the activities will be bound by that document.

All output of the Work Orders will be delivered digitally through conference calls or using various secured file sharing tools.


For the subscription projects, the invoices will be raised on a monthly basis.

For turn-key projects, the invoices will be raised after completion of milestones as set forth in the Work Order and it is accepted by You. Acceptance will be in the form of formal sign-off, email confirmation or minutes of meeting documentation. All deliverables will be deemed accepted if there is no response within 72 hours. 


All invoices are due for payment upon receipt. Payments are not refundable after the acceptance of the associated deliverables by You. 


We reserve the right to refuse service or refuse to sell the products on the Website at our sole discretion to anyone for any reason at any time.

For any questions, concerns, or disputes, You agree to contact Us in a timely manner at the following: