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Time, Attendace & Vacation

  • Detailed timecard for each individual Employee

  • Integration with biometric or card reader equipment

  • Rules based exception management - late-in, early-out, less hours, core-time presence

  • Rules based vacation/leave credits and carry over

  • Overtime management with cost dashboards

  • Holistic view covering swipe in/outs, vacations, exceptions, Overtime for each day

  • Compensatory-off management

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Employee Self Service

  • Self service option on mobile and web for maintaining personal data for people engaged with the Enterprise

  • Personal data scope controlled by data privacy rules of specific countries

  • All work related data visible real time covering time, attendance and vacation details, 

  • Track achievements, new skills, feedback from others

  • Raise grievances anonymously 

  • Visibility to own Talent Pod

Manager Self Service

  • Team management options

  • Team Time and Attendance dashboard

  • Team vacation plan dashboard

  • Real time team shift/work pattern dashboard

  • On-boarding and Offboarding list with process triggers

  • Development, performance, appreciation feedback options

  • Team skills and proficiency dashboard

  • Incentive payout management

  • Compensation review management

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Helpdesk / Ticketing

  • Single ticketing platform for Employees covering all their touchpoints with Enterprise.

  • Configurable SLAs to track service levels

  • Rules based actions to reroute, escalate and closure

  • Real time feedback to reflect Employee Satisfaction Index

  • Real time dashboard to reflect Employee Service Index of various departments/functions within the Enterprise

Operational Processes

  • Employee expenses management

  • Assets allocations and management

  • Projects allocations tracking for utilization management

  • Loans and Advances

  • Custom processes configuration

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