Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Talent Acquisition

Business Meeting

Requisitions & Sourcing

  • New Requisition / replacement Requisition

  • Industry standard Job Description templates

  • Sourcing types - Internal and/or external

  • Internal Job Postings & Employee Referrals

  • Assigning of Requisitions to external vendors

  • Sourcing of Candidates from Vendors directly on Nexuba

  • Sourcing from internal Candidate database

  • Posting to leading job portals

  • Posting to Organizational Social Network sites

Shortlisting & Selection

  • Singular view of  identified Candidates with option to shortlist

  • Automatic Candidate account setup on Nexuba

  • Profile update by Candidates

  • Interview Management

  • Notifications to candidates and interviewers on schedules

  • Realtime access to vendors to coordinate various activities

  • Feedback capture based on Job definition

  • Tracking mandatory and optional skills, competencies

  • Selecting the suitable candidate to make offer

Modern Work Space
Before the Interview

Offer & Candidate

  • Online Offer generation with document e-signatures

  • Compensation Fitment analysis and recommendation

  • Tracking of additional payouts like relocation bonus and sign-on bonus.

  • Automatic Candidate account setup on Nexuba

  • Offer acceptance by Candidate on Nexuba

  • Background Verification confirmation and consent

  • Candidate self-service to update and upload all relevant information as per the data privacy laws of the country of hire

  • Collaboration feature among the selected Candidate, Recruiter and the hiring manager

  • Candidate Engagement features

On-boarding & Induction

  • Onboarding process to set up the new joinee on Nexuba, and automatic tracking of all onboarding activities to completion

  • Induction process to enable the new joinee to complete all the formalities

  • Online orientation on Nexuba

  • Automated BGV process including vendor integration

  • Tracking of Employee referrals, Vendor payments and integrations to payment systems

  • Settlement of additional payments to all applicable stakeholders

First Time Membership