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Talent Assessment

Continuous Engagement & Feedback

  • Online feedback features on different dimensions like continuous development, skills and competencies

  • Tracking of Achievements at work and feedback

  • Tracking of disciplinary actions and closure

  • Tracking of Employee grievances and closure

Business Meeting
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Objective Key  Results

  • Visibility to Organizational goals

  • Setting new Objectives to self and team, and defining Key Results to track and achieve the objectives.

  • Create tasks and sub-tasks to track

  • Cross functional teams and collaboration

  • Dashboards to track self, team and company objectives

  • Reminders for check-ins

Goals and KRA Tracking

  • Set periodic goals like quarterly or annual goals along with broken down KRA and KPIs to track

  • Different goal setting methods as per the organizational requirements

  • Customized workflow approvals

  • Continuous tracking and collaboration of KRAs and KPIs

  • Intermittent reviews and a final reviews with performance score based on weightages

  • Normalization of performance scores across teams

  • Input to Incentive management and Compensation review processes

Making Notes
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