Spring Onions

Talent Management

Talent Pod

  • Individual Talent dashboard for Employees

  • Progression charts for the entire tenure

  • Succession and Career planning dashboard

  • Integrated development plan

  • Skill and Competency dashboard

  • Performance summary dashboard

  • Feedback summary dashboard

Businessman working with holographic augmented reality (AR) screen technology to analyze b
Team Meeting

Competency Framework

  • Integration with industry leading content providers

  • Integration with industry leading certification providers

  • Integration with in-house learning content

  • Personality assessment engine

  • Development Feedback from Managers and Peers

  • Automatic skill catalog updates

  • Project based learning management

  • Internal Talent Marketplace learning management

  • On-the-job learning management

Talent & Skill Planning

  • Workforce Planning by Roles and Skills

  • Skill map/gap dashboards at team, department and organization level

  • Succession planning

  • Career planning options

  • Critical Resource and Critical Role tracking

  • Incentives planning and payouts

  • Compensation review and rollouts

Business Plan
Data on a Touch Pad

Team Skill Dashboard

  • Team skill dashboard for managers showing aggregate skill map/gaps

  • Team skill planning based on Job-role competency framework, project and developmental needs for each team member along with proficiency

  • Specific skill development recommendation by manager to any of the team members

  • Specific learning recommendation by manager to any or all of the team members

  • Provide feedback on specific skill to a team member

  • Trigger hiring requisition for specific skills or roles directly from the dashboard