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Business Meeting

Talent Operations

Organizational Design

  • Department structure management

  • Geographical structure management

  • Grade structure management

  • Designation structure management

  • Cost-Center structure management

  • Job-role structures management

  • Compensations rules management

Busy Street
Senior Businesswoman

Core HR

  • Policy management

  • Process administration and management

  • Employee data management

  • Talent mobility management

  • Employee compensation data management

  • Employee Service

  • Letters generations

  • Various compliance reports

  • Vendor management (for people operations)

Other HR functions are listed under specific Talent and Employee modules

Payroll and Compliances

  • Tax planning, tax statements

  • Additional payments management -> Loan recoveries, Overtime postings, one-time adjustments, Expense reimbursements, Hiring costs - Sign-On bonus, relocation expense, Referral bonus and any other custom payments.

  • Payroll processing engine with Income Tax calculations

  • Exit employee processing

  • Full and final settlement processing

  • Perquisite calculations

  • All compliance reports and data files for upload to Govt sites

  • Bank payment upload files

Holding Bills
Business Meeting

Off-boarding & Exit Management

  • Exit Management with workflow approvals

  • Specific workflows and notifications for Critical resource and /or Critical role exits

  • Configurable online clearances

  • Online exit interviews

  • Data dependency and integrity dashboard for the exiting employee

  • Mass changes with single click for associated data

  • Last working day and last day in office management

  • Full & Final settlement

  • Rule based configurable letter generations

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